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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Things have been hectic for the past few months, with lots of trip planning, school wrapping up for the year and general mayhem that is a college kid’s life. I will do my best to update this as often as I can from now on (which shouldn’t be too hard, considering it’s now sumer.) My trips may put a hinderance on future updates for a few days, but nothing you guys won’t endure, eh?

Oh, who am I kidding, I know I only have like…one reader now. Oh well. I’ll entertain them.

Sometimes I like to think the fitting room is not all bad. Truthfully, it’s not. It’s actually pretty fun in there, and quite enjoyable for a lower class job, y’know? It’s frustrating at times, and people get angry at me for no particular reason. Sometimes, though, it’s the little things that make up for it.

For example…a few days ago, during a lull in our otherwise busy swimsuit season, a little old man comes waltzing in. Before I even begin to tell the little story of this gentleman, let me first describe him…he’s one of those little old men that you just go “Aww” when you see them. He had on a panama hat complete with a white band around the top. He had large, well kept glasses that sat on his long nose. His face was pudgy/doughy, but not so much to make you cringe nor too little to make him look skeletal. He just had a kind old man’s face. He had a yellow shirt that matched his hat very well, with a white grid pattern on it. He wore this tucked into extremely clean and well pressed white pants that were rounded out by completely white dress shoes. For his age, he knew how to dress. But that wasn’t the best part.

To complete the entire outfit, he was wearing a bright red bowtie that you actually had to tie. It was one of THOSE old guys.

Now that you get the level I’m on with him, he comes in and I give him a smile and welcome him to the fitting room. He says “Gee, that’s mighty nice of you! Most young folks wouldn’t give me the time of day!” He had a couple pairs of our khaki pants in his arms, and he certainly looked intent to try them on, so I took his items (“Such service!” he said with a smile) and put them in the room for him. I told him my name and said if he needed anything at all, like a size or an opinion, I’d help him out. He responded by smiling, tipping his hat, and saying “Will do, young man.”

HE TIPPED HIS FRIGGIN’ HAT TO ME! That’s amazing, if I do say so myself.

So after a few minutes, he came out with our off-white pair of khakis on, and asked if there was a three-way mirror he could look into. I directed him to the one nearest to him, and he was standing directly across from it at the time. We both chuckled at his inattentiveness, and he took off his glasses, cleaned ’em, and said “That blasted doc…he swore to me that these would work!”

Again, one of those lil’ ol’ man quips that everyone loves. Anyway, the best is yet to come.

So he saunters up to the mirrors, and gives himself a once over. I could physically see the smile on his face brighten the more he looked at himself, and he declared “Hey, these don’t look half bad, do they?” True enough, they suited him well, and I told him so. “Oh boy, just wait’ll I show the Mrs.”

Does this guy EVER stop coming with the awesome phrases? Seriously?

He askes if it’s fine whether or not he goes over to the main doorway to call for his wife, which I had no objection to. He said she was nearby, so he’d just give her a shout. He goes over, holds his hands up to his mouth and calls “Sweetypie! I have some pants to show you that are just swell! I want you to see!” A few moments later, she comes in, and he holds both of her hands in his and gives her a kiss on the cheeks. She then reveals she’s holding a onesy for a baby, and said “Wouldn’t this look fantastic on Gregory?” “That it would, Julia. We’ll get that for him. Now, for the business at hand…” He holds up his hands like an old showman, and says “Presenting…these khakis! What do you think?” “Oh, those look marvelous on you, Gus (HIS NAME IS FRIGGIN’ GUS!!)! You most definitely have to buy them.” “I think I will, my dear. You sit down here and wait just a moment. I’ll be right out.”

She sits down, and before Gus goes back into his room, he introduces me to her, and says “This fine young gentleman is one of the reasons I still have faith in retail!” I seriously turned red. I was really embarassed about it, but she smiled at me, shook my hand, and said “I know you young people all work very hard to earn your money, and you get very little appreciation for your trouble, but I want to thank all of you for all your help.”

I was kinda dumbstruck. I mean, you rarely get compliments like this, but especially from the elderly like this…it’s just shocking.

Anyway, she sat there, waiting for Gus, humming “You Are My Sunshine” to herself when he finally comes out. He hands me the one pair, and I asked him if they worked out, and he said “No need to try ’em, I already love these right here (he pats the folded pair draped over his arm).” He holds out his arm in a hooked position, and Julia walks up and holds on to his arm, like an elderly pair going to the prom. Before they make it out the door, he turns around, and says “I’d like to thank you, my fine chum (he claps his hand on my shoulder). You were very helpful, and I definitely am going to come back to try more things on because of it. The world needs more young people like you. You have a wonderful day.” He shakes my hand, smiles and winks, and then resumes the position with his wife and he struts out the door, almost dancing a little jig.

It’s not every day that you encounter a couple who are so in love with one another, so polite, and so thankful to just…well, be. I also don’t need to tell you the amount of awesomness they exhibited with every word. That speaks for itself. I don’t know if I will ever see them again, although I hope I do. But as I said, there’s a couple little gems that I encounter that just make my job worth it.

I’ll post a new update soon.