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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Alright, so I’m a little late with this update, and completely missed last week. Forgive me, but my water heater decided to blow up, and having to deal with a shit-ton of water takes priority over typing.

Anyway, on to this week.

Why is it that customers never take customer service? Honestly.

In my fair share of shopping experiences, I have always enjoyed the help of an employee. Even if I don’t require, want, or request their assistance, the fact that they acknowledge me being there means I’m on their radar, they have seen me, and that they know what I look like so they can easily identify me in the store. It makes me feel like I’m being treated to something special, I suppose, with that reassuring attitude.

On some occasions, I will agree, it is quite annoying to have to endure the constant cheerful “HELLO!” over my shoulder, along with an earful about special sales, credit cards, and what items I’m looking at they personally own. Sometimes, it’s nice. Sometimes it’s annoying.

But where in the hell do they get the idea that they’re SUPPOSED to just do things on their own?

Let me put it this way: all companies are technically “privately” owned, meaning that they don’t HAVE to sell anything to you. In fact, they can legally escort you from the store without allowing you to buy a damn thing. Of course, they’ll have a fuckload of complaints from women who are clearly overweight and can’t pick up their 4x shirts for less than five bucks in our store, but just the same, they have that ability. The only conditions are that we can’t discriminate due to race, color, or religion.

That being said, don’t fucking waltz into the store and act like you own it and the merchandise within. Because you don’t, ya fuckin’ retards.

Now, I like to think we’re courteous people in our store. We fold things nicely. We try to place sizes from biggest to smallest. But there’s sometimes where too much is just too much.

Take, for example, the fact that I was out of the fitting room (shocking, I know!) and working out in the general public. I was actually rearranging women’s bathing suits. Shocking, I know. I was carefully arranging them according to size, color, and styling in a neat order…I had to, as it was my job that day. It literally took me around 4 hours to finally complete. Needless to say, my patience was wearing thin as the day went on, and I made it a point to help customers more and more quickly.

However, there are some people who are just jackasses.

My dad has a theory that the worst people are those who are ALMOST attractive. I firmly follow that belief. They are extremely bitchy because they try to compensate for one of their flaws…like a nose that’s too round or bad skin.

So an almost pretty woman (or should I say ‘girl’…couldn’t have been older than early 20s) comes over and stalks the bathing suits. I could tell she wanted to shop through my neatly displayed bathing suits, but time and time again, she refused my assistance.

Finally, after walking but 10 feet away, the girl picks up two handfuls of bathing suits and runs to the fitting room. She dropped at least 10 suit separates and mixed up the order of all the rest.

While I tried to sort out this mess, another woman was searching through the clothing rack I had placed separately from the rest of the suits (to keep myself organized). She kept picking them up, and merely placing them without any regard to the clear and distinct order. Again, I was refused for my service.

So I ask you: what is the point of us being there?

Nothing, it would seem.

Sorry this one is more of a mere “thought process”, but I have an interesting post for next week that I’ve had circling my head for quite a while.

Stay tuned!


Currently busy…but I promise an explanation of why I missed last week, and an interesting story for this week.

Count on seeing it very late tonight or early tomorrow morning (and by early, I mean like 3 AM. Haha)